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 ABC-Center from Paula Charles

=> Project ABC-Center download as pdf (german)

This center is for women from foreign countries, women who now live in Switzerland, women who find themselves in situations out of their control.

In many cases these women do not know to where they should go for help or to whom they should turn.

Very often their lives have decended into degrading conditions, sometimes finding their escape in alcohol or other drugs which end up being their only friend.

The A B C- Center is there to give these women a place to feel secure and valued - the solidarity is there for them. The center helps them refind some meaning in their lives.

Paula Charles is searching for a place to house the ABC Center, we also need sponsors (large or small) who will help make a difference in the lives of these women by helping them feel human and needed which each of us should experience.

If you would like to help or to learn more about this project please klick on the link below:
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