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 Her books

Soul Stripping

She's been called one of the most popular "foreigners" in Switzerland. Paula Charles' "Soul Stripping" is her story of her search for acceptance, self-esteem and justice. Not only did Charles land in Switzerland with the wrong credentials, she was the wrong gender, the wrong color and had the wrong education. Thinking she was the pick for a prime hostess job, Charles soon discovered what her "real" occupation would be, a stripper.
"Soul Stripping" exposed the treatment of women who came to Switzerland under dubious circumstances and sparked a continent-wide movement to save them.

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Bergli Books (1995); ISBN: 3952000256

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Go, Josephine, go

This ist the german version of "Soul Stripping"
Verlag: Limmat Verlag (1993); ISBN: 3-85791-218-9

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Schwarze Frau - weisser Prinz // Is there life after stripping?

That's what Paula Charles wanted to find out. "Schwarze Frau - Weisser Prinz" chronicles Charles' efforts to make her way in the "legitimate" world and her rocky marriage to her "white prince". She finds out that love may not be enough to bridge the racial and economic divide.

In "Schwarze Frau - Weisser Prinz", Charles issues a challenge to her readers: See the ones you love for who they really are, not for what you want them to be.

Paperback: 192 pages, only in german
Publisher: Limmat Verlag (1997); ISBN: 357912804

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