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 Who is Paula Charles?

<<Respect, tolerance and communication is very important for me. It doesn't matter what skin colour, everyone should take the trouble to understand the culture of the other!>>

<<There are black sheep everywhere, but there's no gain for a whole nation to victimize them!>>

<<Foreign women find it expecially difficult to integrate here. They need self confidence that in many cases was already taken away from them in their homeland!>>

It sounds so familiar. A young girl from a broken home with a broken heart sets out to find her fortune. The only thing she finds is grief.

Paula Charles, the British born daughter of West Indian immigrants, left her home at the age of 21 thinking she had landed a prime job in Germany. In reality, she had become one of thousands of women lured into the world of human trafficking. She was no longer a daughter. Now, she was a stripper.

Not only did she suffer physical and mental abuse, she faced hundreds of people who tried to take her most precious possession - her humanity. They didn't succeed.

Her books:

Paula Charles